Got 'Bitchy Resting Face'? Fear Not: You May Be a Great Communicator


It isn’t precisely a diagnosable situation, however “bitchy resting face” will be problematic for the poor people who’ve it. That’s: A default facial features that comes off as overly severe and even aggressive. However there’s excellent news for many who have BRF (or because it’s typically referred to as, “resting bitch face”) — they could in reality be nice at communication.

A minimum of, that is the willpower of Rene Paulson, who admits in an essay on Quartz that she has the face; that, plus having a sarcastic expertise means she’s simply misunderstood when attempting to speak with others. However because the profitable head of her personal firm, she writes, “I view my [BRF] as a lot a blessing as a curse.”

She factors to Dr. John Lund, a researcher and public speaker on interpersonal communication, who has mentioned, “As an alternative of speaking to be understood you need to talk to not be misunderstood.” Since house owners of the face need to go that additional distance frequently, they shortly grow to be an knowledgeable in guaranteeing others “get” them.

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“Girls confronted by a world that routinely attaches unfavorable attributes to their non-smiling face should shortly learn to talk and in addition hone a finely tuned consciousness of each our personal feelings and the feelings of these round us,” she writes, emphasizing that girls with the situation need to be additional self-aware and empathetic.

That mentioned, she notes, consistently being hyper-aware of others’ reactions will be tiring. “I typically discover a two-hour assembly with strangers extra exhausting than a 16-hour workday.”

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