Mirai Nagasu Set the Record Straight About the Alleged "USA Tattoo" on Her Thigh


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You’d suppose that when Mirai Nagasu grew to become the primary American female figure skater to land the triple axel on the 2018 Olympic Video games, that’s ALL anybody would speak about. Seems that you may accomplish a feat of power on the Olympics and folks will nonetheless be like, “That’s nice, however is gigantic tattoo on your thigh?”

Throughout her routine, it appeared as if Mirai had “USA” tattooed down her thigh. Whereas that might have been baller if it was the case, what you noticed was simply therapeutic tape. The truth is, you may even purchase your personal Team USA KT Tape like Nagasu’s on-line, which is supposed to alleviate ache and supply assist to sore muscle tissues, joints, and tendons.

After Twitter labored itself right into a frenzy over hypothesis that Nagasu had a large thigh tat, Nagasu set the file straight by retweeting somebody who defined that she’s simply carrying tape.

“No, Mirai Nagasu doesn’t have an enormous tattoo on her internal thigh,” someone wrote on Twitter. “It’s therapeutic tape. Except…She has an enormous tattoo of therapeutic tape on her internal thigh???!!!”

Nagasu had a humorousness about the entire thing and added: “Omg mindblown that I’ve been found out.”

She additionally responded “just a few tape” to a different report about her “tattoo.”

So, sorry all-of-Twitter, however this…

…just isn’t the badass tattoo you thought it was.

On the brilliant aspect, this whole debacle led us to Nagasu’s Twitter account, the place we discovered that she is clearly a girl after our personal hearts.

She’s a Pitch Excellent fan who additionally wants to meet Leslie Jones? Identical.

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